Training topics

In order to fully cover your needs, I have separated my training line into an introduction and two main areas.

Foundations of Data Visualization

It is utterly important to be aware of the main principles and methods of data visualization in order to fully develop your potentials.

Data Visualization for BI/BA teams

To understand how your business changes and grows, you need to see if it is actually aligned to the strategy you set. Dashboards and KPIs will help you with that.

Data Visualization for Data Scientists

When you are looking for patterns and interesting outliers in your model, you will need to see those. Exploratory data visualization can help to understand complex datasets.

“Effective data visualization originates in many different sources and disciplines, but at the end the one who interprets the result will judge its merits.”

Mihály Minkó

Data visualization expert and trainer

Turn your data into insights

Learn the principles and methods that will help you to see your data and your business through compelling and easy to understand visualizations.



Using different simple charts can help you to communicate your message.



What are maps and why are they good?

Geographic locations can provide you information on your customers, factories and more. Why not see that instantly?



connections are important factors

Connections between elements show relations that are hidden - if you don't use network visualizations to uncover those.


Multi layered information at a glance

Dashboards are a common way to manage, analyze or monitor different aspects of the enterprise. However, designing those can be a challenging task. Master it!


the heartbeat of the company

Key Performance Indicators can have many forms - depending on the purpose you assign them, but their main goal is to show you if something is good or bad.

Exploratory Visualizations

Patterns, relationships and trends

All hiding in your dataset. It's better to unfold those before its too late!


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