The building blocks of a successful data visualization project. Charts, maps, networks. They are simple but powerful tools to communicate your message to your audience. In order to choose the proper visual format, you need to know how to approach your data. How to think about it, how to reduce the cognitive load that it can cause when processed.

The famous data visualization doyen, Jaques Bertin set up such a method, with which you can easily convert your dataset into either a specific chart, map or network. His method helps to simplify visual thinking by converting different data types into components, that have specific – and easy to understand – characteristics. This knowledge will make it easy for you and your colleagues to find the perfect visualization type for the dataset.

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Since the method itself is tool independent, you won’t need to stick to any charting tool whatsoever. Although if you already use Tableau or Microsoft PowerBI we can use those as well in order to deep dive into the realm of beautiful and effective data visualizations.